What You Need To Know About the Albemarle Magnet Programs

Each of the Albemarle County high schools offers a magnet program that any student in the county can apply for. Each program provides students with a unique education experience that will challenge them and prepare them the next step in achieving their desired career. At Champion, we understand the rigors of these programs and we are prepared to help your child succeed and move closer to their desired career.

Albemarle High School: The Math, Engineering, and Science Academy (MESA)

The MESA program at Albemarle High School was the first magnet program to be developed. Students start on an accelerated Math and Science track for their freshman and sophomore years and then move on to engineering-specific classes during their junior and senior years. Students are introduced to MATLAB, Autodesk Inventor, and advanced Excel programming to solve engineering problems while in the program.  County students can apply as incoming freshmen or as rising juniors.

Western Albemarle High School: The Environmental Studies Academy (ESA)

The ESA program at Western Albemarle High School focuses on environmental applications of science. Students choose between three environmental tracks to follow throughout the program: agricultural, conservation, and research. The ESA program is unique in that it emphasizes a STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math) approach rather than the typical STEM approach used by the other two magnet programs. County students can only apply as incoming freshmen for this program.

Monticello High School: The Health and Medical Sciences Academy (HMSA)

The HMSA program at Monticello High School aims to explore health sciences and prepare students for their desired profession. Students can follow 3 pathways based on where they want to end up – industry certification professions such as an EMT, associate degree careers such as a radiologist, or anything requiring a bachelor’s degree and beyond. County students can apply to the HMSA program as rising freshmen or rising sophomores.