Career Prep


CAREER PREP at Champion Tutoring

In their lifetimes, our children will have 10 or more jobs – this is our new reality, and competition is fierce: young people today need an edge in order to succeed in the workforce.

Career Prep at Champion Tutoring is designed to provide young people with an advantage: we give them the tools to become more polished, well-prepared, and career savvy as they enter the workforce. Whatever the opportunity—internships, scholarships, and networking—we can help.

Champion’s Career Prep consultant is Leslie Chisholm – you know her as our Assistant Director, but as a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, it is also Leslie’s job to keep up with current employment trends. The Internet is awash with career information these days, and this glut of information can be overwhelming. Leslie can translate this information for parents and students alike, including what employers want and what it takes to be the best employee possible. Leslie has over 20 years of HR experience, a perspective that informs her Career Consulting practice. (Read more about Leslie at

In keeping with Champion’s personalized approach to teaching (one-on-one), Leslie will customize her offerings to address your child’s individual goals. Throughout our Career Prep curriculum, we teach students the importance of highlighting their transferable skills, and our goal is to help students understand what it means to be an outstanding employee, no matter where, or for whom, they work.

Right now, with our SPRING SPECIAL, you’ll receive $25 off your first Career Prep session; and register for any 2 or more sessions to receive 10% off! All Career Prep sessions address interrelated skills that are vital to your child’s career plan—choose from any of the topics below:

Résumés & Cover Letters that Shine

These are two of the most important documents in your child’s career path, not just for job searches, but also for pursuing scholarship opportunities and internships. These documents need to be relevant and eye-catching, and must tell an employer within the first few seconds why they should hire your child. Employers are mainly concerned with what a candidate can do for them – let us help your child showcase his or her strengths and skills, and develop their personal “brand” in a dynamic, authentic way.

Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Social media mistakes can follow your child throughout his or her career. Over 80% of employers now Google job candidates, and they also check Facebook and LinkedIn, often before even offering an interview. Credit scores and background checks also are a factor for some employers. We will guide your child through the dos & don’ts of social media, showing them how to use their online profiles to put their best foot forward.

Networking 101

Networking has become a vital part of the job search process, and social media is just one component of this essential skill set. According to a recent ABC News story, 80% of jobs are now obtained through networking. Employers would rather interview/hire people they already know something about, since this saves time and money. We can teach your child how to network dynamically and appropriately. By learning how to highlight his or her transferrable skills and building relationships, even someone not naturally inclined to network can do so effectively.

Career Etiquette: First Impressions Matter

Over 75% of hiring managers make their decision within the first 30 seconds, so a first impression could make or break your child’s chances of getting a job, an internship, or a business lead. We will teach them the basics of how to make a great first impression – this process involves manners, appropriate career attire, and attention to every detail. Our goal is to empower your child to look and feel both polished and professional as he or she enters the workforce.

Intensive Interview Prep

Interviews can be intimidating for anyone, especially young people just entering the workforce. We will teach your child the basics of interviewing, including the “homework” that must be done before the interview takes place; in today’s job market, one cannot go in unprepared and expect to do well. We will teach your child how to prepare for an interview, and how to succeed in answering even the toughest questions. Our goal is to alleviate fear and build confidence through active, engaged preparation.

Work Values and Interests Assessments

Leslie will use two interactive assessment tools – the “Interest Profiler” and the “Work Values Locator,” both of which are designed to help your child think more analytically about what is important to them in a job. The goal of these assessments will be to help students choose career paths that align more strongly with their interests and values, and to envision where those values could lead as they pursue opportunities in the future. These assessment tools can also help your child select an internship, choose a major in college, and pursue part-time employment that can ultimately lead to more rewarding career opportunities.