College Essay Prep


“It’s important for applicants to take a creative risk and…find a vision and voice which can make a compelling argument for admission. The best essays are quirky, personal, and difficult to forget….” Jane McGuire, Independent College

We offer personalized instruction and coaching to students and families at every stage of the college search process. After a free consultation with our Director to determine goals and strategies, your child is paired with a tutor who remains with him/her for the duration of the application process.

A powerful, well-written essay can tip the balance in college admissions. Our tutors help students highlight their unique talents, making the college application process easier and more successful.

Because every student’s journey is unique, we offer a customized, flexible program consisting of two basic components.

  • One-on-One Sessions:

The college essay process begins with a brainstorming session, during which the instructor guides free-writing exercises aimed at helping the
student arrive at a topic that is original, eye-catching and personally significant. Subsequent drafting and revising sessions enable the student to reach the pinnacle of his/her idea.

  • Online Editing:

At the latter stages of the process, email conversations become a powerful and cost-effective tool for moving essays and applications forward.