“I wanted to thank you again and give you an update on my daughter’s SAT scores after the June test. When she first took the SAT in December, she was not happy with her scores. We began working with you in January and after taking the test in February she raised her score by 190 points. We were thrilled but she was determined to attain a higher score in reading and writing. So we came back to you again for help. This time she had raised the scores by another 150 points (total 240 points!!!) – and the most exciting to us all was that she scored an 800 on math. You have helped her achieve her goal of being able to apply to some competitive schools and we so appreciate the time and thoughtfulness in placing the right tutors with the right people!”      — MW, September 2015

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for my daughter over that last 3 years. You have made an impact on her future. She ended up with 5 college acceptances and 2 wait lists and she will be attending JMU in the Fall. Thank you again and best wishes for the future!”      — Western Albemarle parent, May 2015

“I worked with Don for just about half of this academic year for AP Physics. I heard of Don through a neighbor, who shared similar physics troubles with me, and they claimed that Don was very helpful in grasping this complex material. My neighbor happened to be exactly right – Don’s ability to walk me through and explain the problems in a way that a novice physics student could understand was extremely helpful and effective. As a result, my grade profited from Don’s help. I genuinely looked forward to our Wednesday night tutoring sessions, for Don was always great to talk with and proved to be a HUGE help with my physics material.”      — T.O., May 2015

“My son made a big hit at his first SAT test: a score of 2,330! He got a score of 800 in both Math and Writing, and a 730 in Critical Reading. Almost perfect Right? Thank you to everyone in Champion Tutoring who worked with my son, especially John, whose student-oriented approach and great professionalism encouraged my son, and allowed him to aim high in order to finally attain his dream SAT scores.”      — K.J., January 2015

“She texted me that she got her math quiz score back today. She scored 10 points higher than anyone else in the class. This is the first time she got the highest score in Math in the history of her life! Paying Logen, the tutor- $65. Getting best score in the Math class- Priceless.”      — C.B., January 2015

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