Testimonials (continued)

“We are all thrilled. He looked at 11 schools and William and Mary was definitely the best fit. He is quite excited! I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge your/Emma’s/Bob’s and Leslie’s part in Andrew’s success. You all have been the absolute best!!!!”      — Hope Peritz, December 2014

“BEFORE TUTORING in Honors Pre-Calculus: * Overall grade: 65% * Quiz & test scores: 44%, 41%, 69% SINCE TUTORING in the 2nd marking period: * 1st quiz: 100% * 1st test (came back yesterday): 94% (with a chance to move it up to a 96%) My son was very happy and excited on the phone sharing this [news] last night. Thanks to your tutoring, Andrew, and [to] the Champion Tutoring office. What a quick and dramatic impact….we are going to keep this train rolling. Thanks, thanks, thanks. ”      — Jim L., November 2014

“My son came home tonight…and relayed how much he has enjoyed his SAT review session[s]. He thought both instructors were great — saying how brilliant Don is in math and how much he really enjoyed talking with and working with John. Thanks again for finding the right match for my son….I can honestly say that he really enjoyed [his SAT prep]! He not[ed that] John taught him so many good strategies for approaching the verbal sections of the SAT. I think the best thing was the personality match between John and my son…it proved to be a true mentorship. His confidence and interest in school has returned and that is supported by having…academic grounding from [Champion]. My son was super happy to tell Don that he was currently getting a 100% in Honors Math Analysis this year — and he attributes a large part of it to Don’s help in Trig last year, since they are reviewing a lot of trig in the first 9 weeks. Thanks again!”      — N.P., October 2014

“I did do my homework and researched some of the other tutoring centers ….. Honestly though, after talking to you on the phone, it was a sealed deal. The fact that Champion provides everything they can to help their students be comfortable and find a tutor that suits them, it blew me away that you offered that. Not to mention you are so keen on helping the students strive. That’s what caught my attention and made me choose Champion. I’ve received a 90 on my first MTE (math) quiz and a 98 on my first MTE test! I would recommend Champion to anyone who needs tutoring! Sorry I probably went a little bit over board, but I am beyond grateful for your program and what it is you offer as well as the results.”      — M.P., August 2014

“STUDENT: I first want to thank both of you so much for helping me, not only achieve my goals, but surpass them. My SAT score before we met was a 1930, and after the five weeks of tutoring improved 180 points to a 2110. I never thought I would ever have a score above a 2100 and I was nervous that I wouldn’t break the 2000 barrier. Thank you for pushing me to practice questions past the assigned ones you gave out, and I believe this made a huge difference. My final section scores came out to 690 CR (50 point increase), 720 Math (80 point increase!), and a 700 Writing (80 point increase!). The increases you guys helped me achieve have allowed me to look at schools previously outside of my price range, and have opened countless doors. I cannot thank you two enough! P.S.- Michelle, my essay was an abstract one so “thank you” for drilling me so much on non-historical essays. MOTHER: His score went from 1930 to 2110. He was very excited! And we are really proud. He speaks very highly of his tutors and found them helpful. FATHER: My son raised his score by 180 points… Wow. Simply wow. ”      — The “C” Family, July 2014

“My son began his Physics prep with Bob a month before the test. He got 5 in AP physics and 4 in AP calculus and world history! Please share this news with Bob and John. And say “thank you” to them for us.”      — Jun, July 2014

“I took the SAT June 7th, and I just received my scores. Critical Reading: 700 (putting me in the 95th percentile); Math: 600 (putting me in the 75th percentile); Writing: 650 (putting me in the 90th percentile). I received a score of 8/12 on the essay. Thanks so much for your help, it truly improved my performance. ”      — Anonymous, June 2014

“Emma, It has been a pleasure to have you as a tutor for my daughter this year. Words can’t express my gratitude at how well it worked and your flexibility!! Thanks again and have a great summer!”      — S.H., June 2014

“We are grateful to you, Michelle, and Mary Jo for having a tremendous fervor to help students achieve their academic potential. The encouragement that my son received during each tutoring session increased his confidence especially during a very low point during this past semester. That said…we are assured, as this school year draws to a close, he will finish well! We’ll certainly share the final outcome with you. Again, thank you for walking with us to assist my son in navigating through these challenging several months! ”      — Susan Lisa, June 2014

“Thanks so much! Don has been absolutely wonderful. Lucas has a high A in math now; he came in with a C…BIG CHANGE! We are VERY happy with Don and with Champion.”      — Marjorie A., May 2014

“Thank you for helping my son this spring. It was a huge help and I think he enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy extra school work. smile We will certainly keep you in mind if he needs any coaching next year. ”      — E.G., May 2014

“My son is very pleased with their sessions. He is making straight As in Geometry, again! I keep singing Champion Tutoring ‘ s praises when anyone asks where we take our kids for extra help.”      — Erika Nemergut, May 2014

“I want to thank you for providing such a great tutor. We had a great experience using your services. ”      — C.H., May 2014

“I will highly recommend Champion tutoring to anyone who needs to be tutored. Your company displays a high level of professionalism and dedication. From the day I first talked to you, I knew I was in good hands. Barbara was the BEST! She helped me learn information I thought it was impossible to learn. Now when I read my clients’ reports about their brain injury, at least I will have a clearer understanding of what part of the brain they are referring to. It was so cool that she even brought in those [model] brains. Please thank Barbara again for me and thank you too. ”      — M.A., April 2013

“Thank you, James. The session was incredibly helpful, providing strategies for studying. I am writing course summaries as well as organizing the flash cards per your suggestions. Also, I feel much better about the research portion of the exam. Again, the session was very helpful, and just what I needed – I feel I just need to memorize the flash cards now, and breaking them down by subject was really a great strategy. I wanted to let you and James know that I passed my Comprehensive Exams with High Distinction! Though I only had one session with James, the strategies he suggested, including the use of flash cards (and other techniques), helped me tremendously. Thanks for everything! ”      — Ellen Phipps, CTRS, VP Programs & Services, Alzheimer’s Association, CWVA March 2013

“I felt a little strange hiring a tutor without having met her, but I felt that I got to know Danielle through the phone and emails, as she gave me detailed feedback about her sessions with my daughter. We went into this with very specific goals and Danielle kept her focused on those goals, without distraction. It only took 2 sessions for my daughter to feel more confident and able to work at home in the targeted areas. The results proved that the method worked–she increased 690 to 740 in Critical Reading and from 670 to 750 in Writing. Thank you for your help with my daughter; she said that it really made a difference! ”      — D.B., November 2010

“I cannot thank you and your teachers enough for what a great learning experience my son received at Champion. We are so happy we found you. ”      — Anonymous, May 2010

“I think your tips to help her relax and maintain her confidence will really help as she has spoken about them numerous times tonight. For Bob and me – it is less about her score and more about her confidence and therefore happiness in her math skills – which I think you have helped her achieve. I hope she comes home tomorrow knowing she did her best. ”      — Anonymous, May 2013

“My daughter made a nice leap in [SAT] math (60 points!) which was the goal! So, kudos to Luke for helping her get there! With the help of you, Luke, and Rob, she moved 90 points in math and reading. She’s now in a position to have great choices about where she goes to school next year. My daughter could be your poster student!….. Champion is always our first choice and where I refer friends. ”      — Susan Johnson, November 2010

“My daughter passed the SOL with a strong score; I believe that your help made the difference. ”      — T.B., May 2013

“My son improved his score 30 points on the SAT Math portion. This boosted his best total score over the 1100 barrier to 1120. He was very happy about this and couldn’t have done it without Bob’s guidance. ”      — M.O., November 2010

“My daughter has been accepted to Sweet Briar College and they loved her [application] essay! Thank you for working with her on that and for all your help and support! ”      — A.W., December 2010

“How can I ever thank you and the tutors for all the great help and consideration? You made all of our lives better and we will always remember you fondly : )”      — B.T., May 2013

“My son’s SAT-critical reading score went from 430 to 630, thanks to Lee’s help. ”      — Anonymous, Nov 2010

“I’m sure my son will let Karl and Michelle know, but I wanted to give you guys a big thank you for your hard work and expertise. His scores were 690 reading, 670 math, 640 writing, 8 on the essay. His last scores before your tutoring were 620 reading, 610 math, 620 writing, 9 essay. I know the essay scoring is very subjective; the rest resulted in a 150 point bump. Thank you guys so much, my is ecstatic; Mom and Dad too! Not trying to brag here, just wanted to say thanks and give you guys some feedback on how well you are doing. ”      — T.R., Spring 2014

“We have great praises to share about our 19 month experience with Champion Tutoring! We sought a caring & knowledgeable tutor to assist our middle school daughter in math & science; what we discovered was a fabulously intelligent and encouraging young professor who met our daughter on a weekly basis! She would re-teach, offer various angles of solutions, provide more depth and patiently pursue true understanding of concepts & principles. With the steadfast commitment, our daughter built more confidence as a math/science student. The weekly tutor time was always a highlight in the week:) ”      — “A Middle School Mom,” October 2012

“He was a wonderful tutor, and I think the best part was that he led me to answers instead of merely repeating what my teacher had already stated. He made me feel like I could do well in this class, which was essential. I ended with an 89 on the final and a B+ in the class and I am stoked. Math does not come easily to me so I am really excited. Please tell Bob this and thank him for working with me. He was great! Thank you both so much and I hope to see you soon! ”      — Anonymous, June 2011

“My daughter’s SAT critical reading and math scores rose following her preparation with Champion. Her math increased 30 points and her critical reading went up by 50 points. Thanks for the help! ”      — Anonymous, October 2011

“I wanted to let you know, I’m going to grad school! I was accepted into Nova Southeastern University’s Masters of Public Health program……I’ll be contacting you in the near future to get my resume in order for my future new job! Thanks for recommending Champion! ”      — A.C., March 2014

“My daughter scored a B (for her mid-term math) which is so incredible for her!…During dinner, it was the expression and tone of her voice when she was talking to me. She said ‘you know I really think this tutoring is working and it is really helping me. I learn so much more from Beth than I do in class and I wish she could just be my teacher for everything.’ It was so nice just hearing this from my daughter and that she actually appreciates and likes coming to see Beth for help.”      — R.D., February 2014

“Michelle – Joe aced his tener idiom quiz – 25/25!!!! He is one point from a B for the quarter with a few more things outstanding for his teacher to grade. Fingers crossed! Thank you so much for your help! He is no longer frustrated on Spanish class days!”      — T.C., March 2014

“I am happy to report that Ben got a score of 2240 on his SAT (700 math, 760 reading, 780 writing). We are very grateful to Champion for making this possible! ”      — E.V., April 2014

“James, thank you so much for helping me with my ACT and college essays! I am very excited to announce that I got into UVa Nursing! I could not have done it without you.”      — Caroline, January 2014

“Michelle, my daughter enjoyed her final session with you working on her paper. She said you’re a big fan of Emily Dickinson and know a lot about her! You’ve helped [our daughter] a lot, and I think she’s now ready to do her English and History on her own. You’ve been great to work with. Thanks for all you’ve done!”      — Anonymous

“We can’t thank James enough for the attention and direction that he has shown to Jack. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. ”      — Sandi McMullan

“John and Lucas have worked really well together. Thank you for the match up. We are pleased with the way [our son] is seeing his work. He is understanding the importance of revision, slowing himself down, and the quality of his [writing] has gotten better and better. Thank you for a wonderful experience. ”      — Anonymous, November 2013

“I just wanted to thank you and your fantastic tutors John and Beth for the wonderful job you all did…. We just got [our daughter’s] SAT scores back for the October 5 test. She raised her total score by 240 points!!!!!!!!! See below. Wonderful job. * Critical Reading: +60 points * Math: +80 points * Writing: +100 points * Essay: up +2 from 6 to 8 (top score of 12) God bless you all”      — Bonnie, Fall 2013

“I want to thank you for everything your tutoring program has done for me. I really enjoyed learning with Karl and John, and would like to extend my thanks to those two gentlemen who really made a difference in my [SAT] scores…. My math score rose by 50 points…[and] my writing score also rose, breaking into the 600’s…. I know that – with your help – I made that happen. It was an excellent example for how hard work and dedication can pay off in the end. ”      — Aimee Moody, October 2013

“Thanks so much for your…encouragement! I am all done with the GRE. The tutoring has helped me so much. Don’t know what I would have done without you! Many thanks to you and Don! ”      — Emily, November 2013